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OOC Information
NAME; Hawk
AGE; 23

IC Information
AGE; Centuries old, but looks to be in his 30s or 40s
CANON; Bleach
CANON POINT; post chapter 514
FAMILY TYPES; Dark Area, Metal Empire, Nightmare Soldiers

APPEARANCE; A picture's worth a thousand words.
Aizen is a tall and thin Japanese man, standing at 6'1, with short brown hair and brown eyes. In the center of his torso is the hougyoku, a small purple orb with four purple points spreading outwards on his skin from where it is fused to him. If he's in the kind Captain Aizen persona, he tends to keep his hair hanging down and wears glasses. When he's being himself, he keeps his hair slicked back except for one loose bang that hangs in his face and doesn't wear glasses. Clothing wise, Aizen tends to match those he's around, but upon arrival he'll be in his bondage gear prison outfit.
PERSONALITY; To most people, Aizen is a kind and gentle man. He cares greatly about the people he works with, whether they be fellow captains or his own subordinates, and does his best to make sure that he can help any of them when they need it. To his subordinates, he's well-liked and someone that they can strive to be like. To his fellow captains, he's the shining example as to how a captain should act. He doesn't stand for people causing trouble and is quick to confront whoever he thinks is behind it. Unlike some of his fellow captains, he is patient and tends to deal with people peacefully. At least, that's what everyone thought until he faked his death and then later revealed the truth: the Sousuke Aizen that people knew was nothing more than an elaborate lie to hide his real self.

Aizen is in fact a master of manipulation and illusions, to the point where even his zanpakuto, a sword that is best described as a manifestation of a person's soul, is all about illusions and manipulating a person's senses. Because of that, he is a man who wears a fake personality like a mask to hide his true intentions from the people around him. Thanks to the centuries he's had to play his role as the kind lieutenant and then captain, he's gotten very good at hiding the truth from others. The only person to actually see through his act is his former captain and even then, he wasn't fully aware of the extent that Aizen's acting went to. Everyone else who knows the truth has either caught him being his true self or he revealed it to them.

Although hiding his true personality is the first of the more obvious manipulations that he's done, it is nowhere near the last. Even using his zanpakuto to manipulate a person's senses is only the tip of the iceberg. He is behind everything that has happened in the series and he's used his intelligence, his illusion abilities, and his great skills at manipulation and acting to do so. While he may lack any sort of empathy, it does not mean that he is not capable of manipulating other people through their emotions, which he does terrifyingly well, turning his former lieutenant Momo Hinamori into someone so broken that Aizen claimed that it would be mercy to kill her than to have her live without him.

Of course, manipulations cannot be done without some level of intelligence and Aizen's got that in spades. He is an extremely clever man, on par with resident mad scientist and fellow master manipulator Kisuke Urahara. Not only is he smart in the many skills that a shinigami can excel in, he's also a capable scientist. After all, Aizen was behind many Hollowfication experiments, something Urahara had studied and then abandoned, and also independently created a hougyoku before Urahara was able to. But while Urahara ultimately used his knowledge and skills for good, Aizen didn't, catering to his own selfish desires instead of helping out for the common good.

When he's not playing the role of kind Captain Aizen, he could be best described as a sociopath. He lacks any sort of emotional connection to people, instead thinking of them as tools he can use to further his goals and shows no signs of ever caring about his subordinates when they are struck down, sometimes killing them himself if he feels he has no more use for them. Others have claimed that Aizen has no fear and for the most part that seems to be true, the only time he was actually shown to have any fear was when Gin used Kamishini no Yari's true ability to nearly kill him. Now that he no longer has to hide who he is, he is more detached from everyone else, even if he is still is polite and informal. He can be cruel and mocking to those he deals with and while he usually doesn't dirty his hands with punishing people, he has no qualms about it when he has to do so. Due to his fondness for causing suffering for no purpose beyond his own amusement, he could be considered a sadist. Even how Aizen speaks of his own rare feelings comes off as being disconnected from them, such as saying he feels something like enjoyment when watching and learning of his subordinates being defeated and killed by the heroes. Not surprisingly, Aizen doesn't trust people, partially due to the company he keeps and partially because the 'trustworthy' types he knows would not understand his actions.

A lot of what has pushed Aizen down the path he's taken and turned him into the monster that he is now is the loneliness he has felt since he was a child. Due to his great power, other children and people were afraid of him and distanced themselves from him. Since he was isolated from others since a young age, this caused him to become emotionally disconnected, both in general and when it came to dealing with other people. It's because of this isolation and unable to find an equal in any of his peers that he soon decided to become the Spirit King, the closest he could get to being God, and change the world to what he thought was the way it should be. Even though this loneliness is a major part of him, Aizen does not believe it is. He is, after all, above such human emotions and difficulties.

When he fused with the hougyoku and started gaining even more power than what he had before, Aizen's personality started to change drastically. Gone was the calm, careful man who was patient enough to wait centuries for his plans to unfold and instead was an overly arrogant man who had thrown caution to the wind and decided that with his power, he no longer needed to care about dodging or using his illusions. This had quite an effect on his sanity, as the more the hougyoku changed him from his shinigami self, the more and more he slipped into insanity. By the time he reached his final form, his sanity is for the most part gone. He showed true emotion then, falling into rage and anger over being defeated while screaming of how that was all wrong. After being sealed, he has seemed to calmed down and returned to his normal self, but it's unknown if his lapse in sanity has affected him in any way.

HISTORY; Bleach wikia

FIRST PERSON; here @ [community profile] dear_mun
THIRD PERSON; He didn't get the chance to think about what had just happened before his face was invaded by a small white...thing. While he wanted to smack the creature away from his face, he decided to instead grab its ear with one wrapped hand and pulled it away from his face so he could drop it, the creature not being too bothered by it. Instead, it was happily rambling on about wanting to play and Aizen ignored it to stretch and get used to moving his body once more. How long had he been locked away in that prison of nothingness, a few months, a year? It didn't matter, not anymore. He was free and nothing was going to send him back.

Once his stretching was done, Aizen turned his attention back to the strange creature, who was hopping excitedly to get his attention. It was still chattering on about wanting him to play with it and he sighed as he grabbed it by the ear once more and picked it up, studying it.

"How fascinating," he said softly, his voice hoarse and cracking from disuse. "You're not a Hollow nor are you anything I've experienced."

"Huh? Culumon's a Digimon, not a Hollow." It pauses for a moment and then looks as if it remembers something. "Oh! Culumon has important things to tell you!"

Aizen listened to what Culumon had to say carefully and part of him didn't quite believe it. The truth of the matter he would have to find out for himself. Listening to the small creature--Digimon, he reminded himself--would only give him more questions than answers. No, he would have to exit this place and see if his 'partner' was waiting for him outside. Once Culumon seemed to be done talking, Aizen dropped him once more and made his way over to the table and touched it, the devices appearing as Culumon said they would.

Picking both devices up, Aizen studied them for a moment before sparing Culumon one last glance. It was still asking if he was going to play. How disappointing. Hopefully his so-called partner was be more interesting than this pathetic creature. If not, he'd just have to kill it and find a way to replace it.


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